The RUF Manufacture

The name RUF has been synonymous with expertise in the use of the automobile for more than 80 years.


Upholstery department

We make your car a very special unique piece. With great love and attention to detail, we work on your classic, repair damage or individualize your new vehicle in the interior according to your wishes. In order not to deprive classic vehicles of your soul, we carefully restore the interior of your car with high-quality leather, which retains the historical appearance. We are also happy to implement special requests for you, whereby you can choose from a variety of high-quality leather, fabrics and seam types.


Panel beating department

Through decades of experience, our panel beaters bring their skills to the way they work. The special knowledge of the characteristics of the body of each vehicle type can be called up and used at any time with the connection to the automobile. With this skill you will undo previous pseudo-restorations or revise them professionally.


Engine construction department

Our engines are particularly known for their reliability and durability. In order to maintain these principles, our development engines and also any overhauled engine are retracted on the test bench and checked for performance before being reinstalled into the vehicle. This ensures that the engine meets our performance specifications. The soul of the original Elfer from 1964 lives on in our turbo engines.


Paint department

With state-of-the-art equipment and high standards, we restore your vehicle with the utmost care or repair accidental damage. We paint your classic in every nuance, just as we once did in the factory, just as it was painted at the time.

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Development department

We don’t improve a Porsche 911 – we just let his soul run free. Only a RUF stands as a road car so uncompromisingly for the passionate commitment to the automobile. The 3 cornerstones of our development are:

  • road capability
  • passion
  • perfomance

Using engine, chassis and aerodynamic test benches, we can achieve an optimal basic setting even before the first driving test, which can then be customized. Reliability is a top priority at RUF. Therefore, vehicles are subjected to extensive endurance and high-speed tests under extreme conditions.

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Classic Centre department

By restoration we mean the faithful restoration to perfection. A high standard of our own and in-depth expertise from 75 years in the handling of raw materials and the passion for the car are our quality feature. Through this craftsmanship, we lay a new foundation for decades of driving pleasure. A Porsche has always been a dream car for many sports car enthusiasts. Today, Porsche enthusiasts can feel the sense of time earlier Porsche years and have their Porsche 356 / 911 brought to perfect condition by means of a restoration at RUF – both inside and outside, visually and technically.


Made in Germany – An important maxim that is characteristic of the Pfaffenhausen manufactory and the secret of its success: All works are carried out in the in-house departments. This means short distances and permanent quality control. Therefore, we guarantee a unique detail quality of our products.
Only a RUF stands as a road car so uncompromisingly for the passionate commitment to the automobile.

Ruf Automobile is a self-sufficient car manufacturer with the divisions

  • Development
  • Body construction and repair
  • Paintshop
  • Engine construction with its own engine test benches
  • Upholstery
  • Vehicle assembly
  • RUF Classic Centre
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Service
  • Parts shipping
  • 100% individualization
  • Short distances
  • Transparent manufacturing
  • Maximum quality
  • Impairment
  • Many years of experience