RUF TurboR

Turbo R

Introduced in 1998, the RUF Turbo R  offers a package of the last expansion stage of the  turbocharged air-cooled flat six engine and a save four-wheel drive system:
Our engineers developed a twinturbo engine with a minimized turbolag and a maximum poweroutput of 490 bhp at 5,500 rpm.
The interior features RUF sport seats, a small sports steering wheeland the typical RUF green instruments. The Integrated Roll Cage known from the CTR 2 and a custom designed leather trim are also part of the Turbo R’s interior.

Turbo R
Turbo R
Turbo R

Technical Data

Top Speed
Max. Power @ 5.500/min
Max. Torque @ 4.500/min
Max. Power: 490 HP / 360 kW @ 5.500 rpm
Max. Torque: 650 Nm @ 4.500 rpm
Displacement: 3600 cm³
Transmission: 6-speed manual gearbox
Top Speedt: 330 kph / 205 mph