Welcome to RUF Automobile

Here at Ruf Automobile, we believe that in any pursuit, whether it’s bowling, horse-riding, skiing, swimming or any other sport, you can expect to find conviviality, camaraderie and like-minded people. And that goes for car enthusiasts too: we have always been delighted by the bonhomie and enthusiasm of the people we meet and deal with around the world. But real car enthusiasts are not merely concerned with a particular brand or value – they are fans of cars in general.

This diversity of cultures, on all kinds of social and economic levels, typically comes together for a motor-show, club meet or car race, demonstrating that their passion for cars and automotive paraphernalia bonds them inextricably together. It’s also an ice-breaker, and that has been a crucial element of the RUF inspiration for over 50 years. In aural terms, it’s exemplified by that symphony of turbos sucking for air, wastegates whistling and exhausts popping, that magic sound you hear as you floor the throttle, the affirmation for choosing RUF, and why that choice was always going to be a foregone conclusion.

The recipe is a powerful one, stemming from a visceral passion that has always existed at Pfaffenhausen, where we have always striven to turn a great car into a greater one. Our constant pursuit of perfection eschews mediocrity – the 911 world would never forgive us if we did. We’d like to welcome you to the RUF ERA, a tribute to our past as well as focusing on technological developments of the future. Join us in celebrating the a few of Ruf’s milestones: 20 years since the introduction of Ruf “CTR-2”, 35 years of RUF’s exclusive 5-speed transmission created specially for 911 turbos, not forgetting the 30 years of RUF’s 17in wheels. All these technologies, precision of manufacture and consistent quality standards has – with your unstinting support and ongoing enthusiasm – given us the air for our turbochargers.


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